Elizabeth Campell

The Things Hidden Collection

These images mainly came from a trip to Uluru, where I took a series of images in the last moments before the sun set. I didn't expect these images to come out but I took them anyway to finish the film in my camera. I was delighted and amazed to discover, when the film was developed, that the last shots on the film had a beautiful background colour.

The purple image of the series was a bit of a failure from a photographic point of view, but it intrigued me, I was sure there was more in it than met the eye. So I took it into photoshop and played around with it for a while and was astonished when the amazing Devic being emerged.

Since then I have played around with my images from time to time and the collection is the result of this.

purple-original   purple
The original file 30pixspace

With Devic Being

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