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liznew150Elizabeth is a healer, channeller, planetary worker, photographer and eLearning developer living in Perth Western Australia. She brings her diverse experience to all she does and approaches live from a her spiritual perspective.

I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland to parents who came from families that carried the bloodlines of the ancient seers. I didn’t know this as a child, we just called it the family strangeness, which we all had it to varying degrees. I spent most of my formative years trying to be normal and it was not till I was a mother of two children that someone took me by the shoulders, gave me a shake and said “You are not normal, you never will be normal, and the sooner you come to terms with that the better”. I took that advice and started to own who and what I am.

One of the greatest frustrations of my personal development has been the lack of a physical teacher; someone I can lean on, someone I can see and touch. In the early years there were times when I thought I was going insane. whenever this happened someone would come into my life and seed a pearl of wisdom, or a book would fall out of the bookshelves, or someone would say "you have to read this book", so I would read and maybe only find one sentence that would trigger a realisation that if I was going mad I wasn't the only one.


I started communicating with the energy that I define as Hermeas or Hermes Trismegistus in 1983. The story of how that came about would fill a volume on its own, and therefore will have to wait for another time, but lets just say he “beamed down” into my lounge, in true Star Trek style one night and the rest as they say is history. My relationship to Hermeas is one of loving respect, which so deeply penetrates my being that it is very hard to define in words.

It is not a relationship of blind obedience, (as you may pick up from the audio files), but rather one of gentle encouragement and respect. Often I don’t like what I hear and stubbornly adhere to what I want to do, and when it all goes pear shaped he gently reminds my of the advice I was given and the choices I made. I call this being beaten up with a peacock feather (the gentle understanding is my undoing).

My journey with Herme (my loving abbreviation) has taken me to many places and through experience that I still find hard to believe in the quiet times of reflection. It has often been challenging, it has never been boring and our relationship is the most loving and enduring relationship of my life.

That Which IS

twi136Martha Randolph and I worked on That Which Is in order to bring the infromation given by Hermeas to the publicIt is the culmination of a very long journey for both of us , and has been a work of love and personal process spanning much of my life. The motivation to write this book came in response to our need to understand the seemingly complex issues of the time, to clarify misunderstandings, and learn more about the process of existence.

The channelling sessions contained in this book were received between August 1993 and December 1994, and were recorded on tape to be later transcribed and edited. Writing That Which Is has been a catalytic event in both our lives, with major processing taking place along the way. As with any work of this kind, there has to be an owning of the material, and the outworking of that has certainly been interesting.

The book is available on my estore, for more information about Hermeas and the book go to www.hermeas.org

Microparticular Healing

During the time we were working on That Which Is I experienced a serious health challenge when a valve in my heart became faulty. At the time I was giving talks about healing your body with the power of your mind and felt that this was a very big "put your money where your mouth is" crisis. When I asked Hermeas for advice, he suggested that it was not outside my capability to fix the problem myself if I fololowed the instructions he gave me. After a lot of soul searching I decided to trust in myself and Hermeas and began a process to repair the damaged valve. As a result of this I developed the Micparticular Healing Modality which utilises the infinate power of mind to adjust physical structure within the body.

Courses, Workshops and Talks

At the moment I am offering courses and workshops in:

  • Colour Therapy
  • Microparticular Healing, and
  • Metaphysics

I am available to give talks to groups, events and conferences.

To book your place online click here. For more information call +61 8 9497 9691 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


My other passion in life is photography, I tend to specialise in Macro Botanicals so living in Western Australia is heaven for me in the Wildflower Season.

One of the things I love to do is play around in Photoshop to find what isn't obvious in the photos, I have created a series which I call "Things Hidden" most of these amasing devic shots are created from shots that would normall be a failure from a photographic point of view, and have not been coloured or enhanced in any way.

Prints of this series can be purchased from the estore

All photography on this site is the world I see through my lens.


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