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Microparticulars ­- The Essential Lifeforce

subtleMicroparticular Function is the key to healing and conscious control of our reality. It explains the mind-body connection and how mind science works in terms of Quantum Reality.

In the mid nineties I began working on a channelled book with my friend Martha Randolph. We recorded hundreds of hours of information, which resulted in the evolution of a healing system I call Microparticular Healing. It was not until I faced a life threatening health crisis that Herméas (the frequency of information we communicated with) gave me concise and detailed instruction on how healing can be achieved through the manipulation of microparticular function.

I had been experiencing episodes where my heart would go into palpitations, miss a beat or two, and then return to normal. This could no longer be ignored when; driving home one night, my heart suddenly began beating more erratically than usual until the time between beats grew steadily longer and longer. This seemed to go on forever until I almost passed out behind the wheel of my car. I was told a valve in my heart had stiffened and lost the ability to relax.

At this time I was talking to groups, telling them that they could heal themselves with the power of their minds, so I found myself having to decide between dealing with this situation by myself or opting for a medical solution. In the end I decided to trust my knowing and put it to the test. I was told to scan my body to get ‘a picture’ of what was happening. I saw the valve dark and rigid struggling to pump the blood through my heart. I was then told to take all stressful situations out of my life and given a technique for communicating with the microparticulars of my body. After three months of following this regime the problem disappeared leaving only what the specialist called ‘an ‘innocent murmur’. I subsequently went on to develop the Microparticular Healing Technique and am in the process of establishing the Institute of Microparticular Healing.

My first conscious experience with Microparticulars was during a trip to Monkey Mia . I had gone there to take part in a chakra activation and had travelled by car for 11 ½ hours with a friend to get there. When we arrived all we wanted to do was say hello to the dolphins and go to bed. Much to our dismay we couldn’t get to sleep, due to a very active stream of energy going right through the bedroom. Every time we closed our eyes there was a river of dancing light particles all flowing in the same direction

We felt that this line linked the Monkey Mia chakra with those at Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Byron Bay as a conduit for communication and inter-dimensional travel. I was later to discover, through our communications with Herméas, those dancing particles of light were the mechanism through that enables us to create our own reality – internally and externally. He told us that “it was a spectromorgraphic field containing subnucleic microparticulars that vibrate at a rate of approximately 1,242,562 oscillations per nanosecond, very much like photons but smaller.” This, at that time, was as clear as mud!

Eventually we decided to regard them as really tiny guys who would do as you directed them as long as you were clear. The concept of creating your own reality was hardly new to us but now we had an understanding of the mechanics of the process.

The following is an extract from the book: That Which Is in which Hermeas explains what Microparticulars are, and how they function.

Micro: meaning below the level of normal vision, so small that they cannot be seen even with an electron microscope Particular: because each group has a particular function, but without individual will. It reacts to intention in alignment with its understanding of what function it has to perform in response to that intention.

When dealing with the microparticulars within your body, the influence or intention is produced by your mind

The microparticulars are the masses, which have a function to perform. This is similar to the relationship between a Queen Bee and her hive. The hive will perform their function in response to the influence of the intention of the controlling force, regardless of the logic of that function, or will perform default functions in the absence of any specific influence.

Microparticulars function as a group, and each group knows the specific functions they need to perform. They can be swayed or directed by your intention, but when they get to where they are going, they perform their established function. You cannot change their function; you can only send in a different group of microparticulars to perform their own function.
Microparticulars have no awareness of what is good or bad, right or wrong; they simply perform their function. The performance and result of that function is dependent on the conscious or unconscious intention of the individual.

Thus, if you understood the world of the microparticular, you could perform genetic manipulation with the power of your mind
– at least within your own embodiment – and you could cure all illnesses, regardless of their nature.
When working with microparticular structures it is more effective if you are clear about what it is you wish to have happen. Once the intention is clear, it is simply a process of going down inside your body to the frequency of vibration that is most conducive to transmitting your intention and allowing the microparticulars in their masses, to react in their own way as to the fulfilment of the intention.

In visualisation you might see them as a river of flowing liquid light that has multiple colours moving in a specific direction, possibly accompanied by a particular sound. When you wish to adjust the flow, you envisage a turning of the river to send it down another channelling conduit. This envisioning should not only change the direction and the tonality of the flow, but may also bring in other harmonic tonal attributes as well.

All things in the universe have at their roots a micro-particular structure, which coalesces itself to form the subnucleic particles that make up existence. These particles then come together in larger and larger groups and components, which begin to create structure. Microparticular structure is the one great constant. It may be envisioned as the bloodstream of God. That which flows continually throughout the universe and which, in its purest form, is completely directed by That Which Is Divine. And yet, you can influence it.

When we say microparticular we are speaking therefore, of the essential life force, which makes up all existence. Not the mind life force, but the structural life force – the essence of that which came into being in the instant of the big-bang – the first instant of all creation. It is an essence which from itself creates all forms. It is the structure of God. The embodiment of God if you will.

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