Elizabeth Campell

Communicating with Subtle Energies

ranuncluasWe live in a complex system of interwoven worlds that sometimes overlap and bleed through to each other. Those of us who have the gift (or curse depending on how you deal with it) have the ability to interact with beings and energies from those other realities in many wonderful ways. Understanding of how it all works is important to maintain perspective and mental health, as it is very easy to lose perspective and find oneself sidetracked by misunderstanding.

Reality changes from person to person, even in the "Real World" a group of people can share an experience and yet their perception of events can vary dramatically. When you are dealing with alternate realities this factor is multiplied by the nebulous nature of the phenomena.


 Defining personalities to aid communication

In order to communicate with energies from other realities we need to classify them, give them identity and personality that we can interrelate with. The form these identities take is governed by our life experience, social programming and belief systems. Someone whose interests lean towards the extraterrestrial may define a strong benevolent energy as being a "space brother". Someone who has a strong Christian background might perceive the same energy as being Jesus or an Archangel. The energy is the same it is only the interpretation that differs, there is no right or wrong interpretation there is just what works for the individual.

It is important to understand that interactions with alternate realities are subjective

It is important to understand that interactions with alternate realities are subjective and it is very easy to loose discernment when operating at these levels. This is especially true when you are using the mind body connection to perform healing. During a healing session you might perceive an object or concept embedded in the cellular memory or the aura of the patient. It will take a form in your mind and the temptation is to tell the person what you see, but the form you see might have totally different meaning to the patient and you could inadvertently take the healing session down the wrong direction.

Communication from other realms is often expressed in metaphors because the concepts are impossible to express in any other meaningful way. In my years of channelling I have learned not to get too attached to structures of belief, I tend to look for the essence of what I am being told and apply that to my experiences, that way I am less likely to get caught up in a form and structure that will lead me down a side path in my growth.

Lines of possibility

Streams of physical reality exist simultaneously. They can be visualised as lines of optic cable lying side by side but maintaining individual integrity. Time seems to move differently in some of these realities and some even seem to work outside of time. Many of our myths and legends tell of places, such as Avalon, that unwary travellers wander into and spend a day only to find that 40 years have passed when they return home. This is why it is often difficult to get a specific date of an occurrence when working with spirit.

Then there are the lines of possibility stretching out into the future. As we move into the future our thoughts and decisions move us onto a particular line of possibility closing the door to others. That is why we can change our future in an instant by an action or thought. When prophecy is being made the seer looks at the lines of possibility stretching into the future and sees one as being brighter or more likely than the others. As we move further from the time of the prediction actions and decisions on a personal and individual level can change the lines of possibility altering the future. So a negative prophecy that doesn't come to pass is one the has fulfilled it's purpose, by bringing awareness to a possible outcome and therefore allowing for better decisions to be made to avoid it. You might even say that scientists warning of global warming are in fact prophets.

Philosophy meets Science

Quantum Physicians are struggling with the paradox of discoveries over the last decade, especially in the field of "Superstring Theory" where they have found that matter in its most elemental form can be influenced by thought. Science is bound by rules of measurement and replication and therein is the dilemma. Are their experiments science or philosophy?

This is very exciting for those of us who have been working with energy to create required outcomes by the use of our minds. It is certainly gratifying to know that science is beginning to define the intangible experiences that we have. Apart from anything else it gives us a language to explain and express what we do.

Communication at this level occurs on the unified field, the realm where all things are interconnected and from where all things are possible. I believe that the next stage of our evolution is to learn to create our realities through the influence of our minds by controlling our thought processes and communicating with matter at this unified level of existence.

One thing we have to be very careful of is self fulfilling prophecy. If we continue to focus on the negative consequences of climate change, pollution and the breakdown of social values, are we not in danger of bringing them into being? The power of the human mind is great, but the power of the group consciousness is far greater. It is important for us to place our attention on solutions and the good that people are doing rather than the doomsday scenarios that we are assailed with from every direction.

There are good reasons for learning about the varying realms of reality available to us, it is not just about talking to loved ones who have passed over, or getting a feel good experience from talking to angels or to manifest wealth or success out of desire. It is possible to communicate with higher frequencies of information that can guide and inform us. It is possible to discipline the mind and work with others to change the future and create a New Earth Reality based on compassion and respect for all living organisms simply by focusing on positive outcomes and expectations.

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