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Living Consciously

cons1One of my passions is wildflower photography. There is nothing like finding a new orchid amidst acres of scrub. Not too long ago I was out in the bush with my camera and I realised that techniques I use to find flowers could be used as a metaphor for living consciously.

I start off by deciding where I’m going to go and what flowers I will be looking for. Then I plan what equipment I am going to need and how long I will be out there. I review where I’ve been before and what I found. Once I get to where I will be shooting I look around and get a feel for the area, slow everything down and look for patterns, changes in terrain and colour. I know that certain signposts may lead me towards what I’m looking for.

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Microparticulars ­- The Essential Lifeforce

subtleMicroparticular Function is the key to healing and conscious control of our reality. It explains the mind-body connection and how mind science works in terms of Quantum Reality.

In the mid nineties I began working on a channelled book with my friend Martha Randolph. We recorded hundreds of hours of information, which resulted in the evolution of a healing system I call Microparticular Healing. It was not until I faced a life threatening health crisis that Herméas (the frequency of information we communicated with) gave me concise and detailed instruction on how healing can be achieved through the manipulation of microparticular function.

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Lethal Legacy

Back-beach-with-plant-at-the-top-of-the-cliffDriving along the coast road out of New Plymouth past Back Beach you would never think that a silent killer permeated the air and soil between the mid to late 60s till the late 80s, leaving a lethal legacy for generations to come. Locals will tell you that in some areas every household has been affected; but for years, despite the mounting weight of evidence, health authorities have denied there is a problem. This changed recently when the New Zealand Government was finally forced to admit that there is a serious problem and has begun moves to assist the families who are dealing with health problems spanning, in some cases, four generations.  But is it too little too late?

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Communicating with Subtle Energies

ranuncluasWe live in a complex system of interwoven worlds that sometimes overlap and bleed through to each other. Those of us who have the gift (or curse depending on how you deal with it) have the ability to interact with beings and energies from those other realities in many wonderful ways. Understanding of how it all works is important to maintain perspective and mental health, as it is very easy to lose perspective and find oneself sidetracked by misunderstanding.

Reality changes from person to person, even in the "Real World" a group of people can share an experience and yet their perception of events can vary dramatically. When you are dealing with alternate realities this factor is multiplied by the nebulous nature of the phenomena.

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