Elizabeth Campell

Earth Energy Training


Join Liz on trips to interesting sites around WA and learn how to interact with lines of energy.

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Computer and Web Support


Having trouble with your computer or website?

Liz understands your industry and can help in a caring and graceful way.

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Online Training


Liz is developing an online training portal in which she will run courses on Healing and Metaphysics.

If you have an online course that you would like hosted let's talk.

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Liz offers private sessions for healing, couselling and coaching.

Call now to book a session 0431043996

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About Elizabeth Campbell

liznew150Elizabeth is a healer, channeller, planetary worker, photographer and eLearning developer living in Perth Western Australia. She brings her diverse experience to all she does and approaches live from a her spiritual perspective.

I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland to parents who came from families that carried the bloodlines of the ancient seers. I didn’t know this as a child, we just called it the family strangeness, which we all had it to varying degrees. I spent most of my formative years trying to be normal and it was not till I was a mother of two children that someone took me by the shoulders, gave me a shake and said “You are not normal, you never will be normal, and the sooner you come to terms with that the better”. I took that advice and started to own who and what I am.

One of the greatest frustrations of my personal development has been the lack of a physical teacher; someone I can lean on, someone I can see and touch. In the early years there were times when I thought I was going insane. whenever this happened someone would come into my life and seed a pearl of wisdom, or a book would fall out of the bookshelves, or someone would say "you have to read this book", so I would read and maybe only find one sentence that would trigger a realisation that if I was going mad I wasn't the only one.

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